Saturday, 29 October 2016

DIARY OF A DEAD BOY- by J. Muñiz and A. Bragado

Here's another story in our Halloween series. This story is the result of a creative writing project in which our students were asked to write a horror story set at our school, transforming our safe surroundings into unsettling places where the creepiest, most dangerous things could happen. 

Imagine you find your signature at the end of a diary... now imagine you can't remember writing that diary... 

Diary of a dead boy 

It was a Friday afternoon and, like everybody else I was very excited about the weekend. The bell rang and Ricky and I ran to the school bus. I was just about to get on the bus when I realized that I had forgotten my computer on my desk so I went back to my classroom to get it.

While I was walking through the hall, I suddenly saw something strange. I didn't want to get into trouble so I ignored it. I entered the class and I only could think of the thing I had seen before but I just needed to get my computer and leave. The computer was on my desk so I took it, and when I was going to leave the classroom the door suddenly closed. At first I thought it was the wind but then I realized that it wasn’t a windy day. Then I thought of David, he likes pulling pranks on us, but when I called him so that he would open the door, he told me that he was at home already. It was at this moment I knew I had seen something I shouldn't have seen. I rushed to the door to see if someone was there but the hall was empty. I was starting to panic at this moment, I tried to call my parents but there was no service. I started to move around the room to search for service, when I finally got a signal my phone died.

I was waiting for someone to open the door, when I suddenly saw a shadow, I shouted so that he could hear me but he walked in the other direction. I thought that he hadn’t heard me. He looked back at me and then I realised something was wrong with him... he had a very strange look: his eyes were red, his hair was dirty and his clothes were ripped. He was carrying a bag. He suddenly dropped it and he started running towards me. When I realised what was going on it was too late.

The man was hitting and scratching the door to open it. I didn’t have any way to exit and I was getting really nervous… But then I looked at the windows and I thought of jumping off to escape. At first it seemed like a crazy idea but I realised it was my only hope. He had finally managed to enter the room, so I jumped off and landed on the dining room roof. As soon as I landed I got up and ran to the stairs to get down. I looked up to the window and the man wasn't there. 

When I finally got down from the roof I heard a noise. It was my girlfriend, Sally. I started to look for her. I searched in the gym, in the staffroom and in the cleaning room, but there was no trace of her. While I was looking for her I saw the silhouette of a girl in the bathroom. I wanted to enter to see if the silhouette was Sally’s but I was feeling wary because it was the girls’ bathroom and I'm not a girl. I was standing in front of the door. I grabbed the doorknob and turned it, opening the door. To my surprise, there was no one there: I was all alone. For a second I thought it was an illusion, but then I heard it again. I was getting really frustrated because I was hearing things but I couldn't see anything. I thought I was going crazy. 

After a few minutes thinking about the whole situation, I realised that if it was real I had to solve the mystery. I created a plan search for her: first, I would look for the kidnapper and then I would look for Sally. I had finished searching a couple of rooms when I realised that it was night time. I had to find her before it was too late. I ran to the playground and there she was… she was tied with ropes in the center of the basketball court. I went to get her out of there, she had scratches and even some wounds. I untied her and asked her what had happened but she was too scared to talk about it. We ran to the bathroom to talk and to see if she was ok. After she had calmed down, she told me everything that had happened. She explained that the weird-looking man was the janitor and that he was possessed by the teachers. 

While we were talking, the man came into the bathroom and tried to kill us. We escaped and hid in the gym. It wasn't the best place to hide from a murderer but it was the only place we could think of. When Sally and I thought there was no one watching, I told Sally to run as fast as she could and to never look back. This was the most terrifying moment, it was the time when everything could go wrong. We started running. Sally was ahead of me, we were almost at the school gates when suddenly something grabbed my leg. I turned back and the man was standing behind me. I closed my eyes and realised there was no escape, that that was how my life was going to end.

Suddenly I woke up. I was lying down on my couch. I could hear my mom talking, and she didn't seem to be scared of what had happened so I walked up to her and asked her. She either didn´t hear me, or she was ignoring me. I raised my arm and tried to touch her, but my arm passed through her body. I asked myself if I was still sleeping but I wasn't. The past day had never existed, like me.

These are the last pages from the diary I have found under my couch.I don't know why it was there or what it means. I just know the person who wrote it is Peter Stangle. But that can’t be true.

I'm Peter Stangle.

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