Saturday, 29 October 2016

UNTIL DAWN- by M. de Witte and M. del Burgo

Here's another story in our Halloween series. This story is the result of a creative writing project in which our students were asked to write a horror story set at our school, transforming our safe surroundings into unsettling places where the creepiest, most dangerous things could happen. 

There's a reason why kids are asked to go home after school, and if you knew it, you would never stay longer than necessary... 

It was a cold rainy day. I remember exactly how it all started. We were all at school, it was late and we missed the bus. We were waiting for our parents, Blanca, Jara, Marcos, Javi and I. Suddenly Javi broke the awkward silence:

“Guys, I left my Maths book in class!” Javi said. 

“Me too,” Blanca cried. 

Javi looked towards the school building. “Let’s go back to get them”, he suggested. 

Finally, we all went with them. We sneaked up the stairs, crossing a barely illuminated corridor. We were surprised when we saw the door open. As we entered, it closed. Then I realised we were locked in. A drop of sweat ran down my forehead. We tried to open the door, it was impossible. I screamed. High, very high despite the fact that no one could hear us. We panicked. We started looking for something that could set us free. While I was looking for something to unlock the door, my sight stumbled upon an old box. A shiver ran down my spine. This box had something that frightened me. However, I opened it. Inside the box there was a board with crimson red letters and a cracked glass covered in dust. I took a closer look , I didn’t know what it was. I asked with a trembling voice:

“What is this ? I’ve never seen it before” I asked.

“I have no idea” Blanca answered.

“Me neither” added Jara.

“If I were you I wouldn’t touch it, my grandfather had one” Marcos said.

“Why?” Blanca asked.

“It’s said that this artifact summons the spirits of the undead and brings the misery and pain from them”, he narrated.

“That’s rubbish, let’s play until someone finds us” said Jara.

“No way, I’m not playing with that thing” cried out Javi.

Jara, without listening to what Javi said, placed the board on a table. We all sat down. I noticed a strange feeling invading the place, it was colder and darker. We were all afraid. Then Javi said: “Guys, I really don’t want to play”. 

“ You’re such a coward” Jara said.

“Ok, ok…” whispered Javi in an insecure tone.

We all placed our fingers on the cracked glass. I was shaking in fear when Jara raised her voice: “Are there any spirits in here?”. No one moved, but the glass did. While it was moving we all screamed.

“Stop it Jara, it’s not funny” Javi shouted.

“I’m not doing anything” Jara replied-

The glass described a path to form the word yes. I couldn’t continue playing after that. I stood up, moving my finger away from the glass. It stopped moving. Then, nothing happened. Jara asked a lot of questions, none of them received an answer. After a while, she stopped trying. We were tired and it was 2 a.m. We lay on the floor trying to sleep, but I couldn’t. I was too scared. I saw a shadow flickering on the other part of the classroom, maybe, just my imagination but then I heard a creaking sound… 

We all stood up and searched for the source of the sound. My worst fears were coming true, the cracked glass was moving.

“Wanna play a game?” appeared on the board.

Nobody answered. We were petrified. Then the glass started moving again. 

“ Wanna play a game?” appeared again

And again, no one answered. Suddenly, every single object in the room started moving. Books flying, pictures falling down and windows opening. After a few seconds it all stopped. We all looked around in complete silence. The only thing that was making noise was the rain. 

After 10 minutes, Marcos tried to find something to talk about: “It’s started raining, have you noticed?”

“Am I the only one that heard something?” Said Blanca, ignoring Marcos.

“I heard it too, Jara was it you?” replied Marcos.

“ I swear it wasn't me” 

The lights went off and again someone whispered “ Do you want to play a game?” . 

When the lights went on again I was alone. I was so confused and scared I started screaming for help. “Where did my friend go?” 

The lights went off, this time I spent 5 minutes alone crying in the dark. Only half of the lights went on this time. “Peek-a-boo” I heard again. I turned and saw the ghost, then I woke up.

When I woke up I heard again a strange voice. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. When I got to bed again, peek-a-boo, I saw the ghost again.

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