Saturday, 29 October 2016

THE PERFECT DAY- by J. Paredes and B. Villacorta

Here's another story in our Halloween series. This story is the result of a creative writing project in which our students were asked to write a horror story set at our school, transforming our safe surroundings into unsettling places where the creepiest, most dangerous things could happen. 

Exams might be the least of your worries if you had a day like this... 


7:30 am. The alarm clock was ringing. I woke up, like every day. I had breakfast and I went to brush my teeth, it was only one more normal day. I went downstairs to ask my mum what we were going to do in the afternoon, but she didn't answer. I supposed she was worried about work, she looked sad. I walked to the bus station. The bus was picking me at 8.30, and I was five minutes late.

When I arrived, the bus had already left, it couldn't be! As an alternative, I took the underground, which was full. Lots of businesspeople were running one way and another, talking on their phones, pushing me. Suddenly, somebody bumped into me and I lost my balance, falling down. This couldn't get worse. I got angrier as nobody even stopped to help me. Finally, I got into the carriage.

I had an exam first period and everything was happening so slowly, I only hoped I would arrive in time for the exam but they were only hopes. I managed to roll in La Moraleja, where my school was. I was only 10 minutes walking distance away so I decided to take a break and sat down. I took my notes out of my backpack to revise for the exam, I wasn't feeling very comfortable. Mr. Evans was going to give us a difficult exam, I was sure.

I saw Charles running to school, he was also late so I decided to call his name. He turned around in order to find out who was shouting for him. He saw me and he smiled at me, so I walked in his direction.

We finally arrived in school. Everybody was in class, the playground was empty. We went up to where our classroom was and we knocked on the door. We went in. Everybody was focused on their tests, I sat down at the only empty desk left and Mr.Evans gave me the exam paper. At first sight, it looked easy, Mr Evans was being generous. Obviously, he was only being so with the first exercise. I managed to answer all the exercises even though I knew I was going to fail. I gave the exam paper back to the teacher...he looked at me with a sarcastic smile and he asked me:

“Have you studied for the exam?”

“Of course, but I am feeling really nervous and I think I won't pass”, I answered

“Let's see when I give you your results.”

After this strange conversation I moved my desk back to its usual place. My classmate Tom asked me how I had done in the exam and I got ready for the next class: we were going to go up to the laboratory, I was really excited about it because we were going to dissect a cow’s heart, I hadn't done it before! We went upstairs, it was very cold even though we were inside. I rubbed my hands in order to create heat between them. They were cold, really cold. Tom lent me his gloves and we went into the laboratory. 

I had never seen a cow’s heart, I had never seen something dead. A chill travelled through my body. From my feet to my ears. The teacher, Mrs. Robinson told us not to touch anything as it was really dangerous. I sat down with Lily-she was really good at biology so she could help me. We started by cutting from up to down dividing the cold dead heart into two pieces. Blood was gushing out and my hands were getting red. I started feeling a little bit lightheaded, I had never thought that this could happen to me. Supposedly, I wasn't the typical girl afraid of this kind of things. Mrs.Robinson advised me to go out, take a deep breath and relax so I decided to follow her advice and went down to the playground. 

Nobody was on it. Crows were flying surrounding the school as if they were searching for a dam. I lay down and I started watching the sky. It was grey, it was going to rain. A thunderbolt rumbled inside me. I could hear little boys shouting. But … they were shouting for help. I sat up and searched for them… but no one was there. I was only really lightheaded. I lay down again. The crows were flying, two of them were also on the ground. I could feel heat from the ground… I was feeling even worse. It was 15 minutes since I had left the lab so I decided it was time to return. 

I went upstairs, this time it was warm so I took off my jacket and I entered the classroom. It was empty… where could they all be? I went all over the hall… nobody was there.I started feeling really distressed, I couldn't find them. I went downstairs, shouting the names of my classmates, with no answer when suddenly a door opened by itself. I entered. 

The room was burnt. Ashes were falling from the ceiling, I couldn't understand anything. I turned around and I saw it. I saw my name written in a headstone with flowers surrounding it. Time stopped. I closed my eyes and I could feel it, I remembered it...

7:30 am, the alarm clock was ringing. I woke up like every day, I had breakfast and I went to brush my teeth. I thought it was only one more normal day but actually, it wasn't. I went to school, I greeted Tom and I went into the classroom. Mr Evans was there, with his typical old shoes and his black tie. Everything was working out until it happened. A big fire crossed the windows leaving us in a circle without a way out, provoking big shouts and screams from all students. I started feeling really bad, smoke was invading me without letting me breathe, I turned around and I heard firefighters coming but I knew it was too late.

I opened my eyes with tears in my cheeks,Tom appeared and grabbed my hand.

“Now you assume it, don't you?” he asked me.

“I guess…”

“Don't worry. Now you can calm down.”

Suddenly, Tom disappeared. But... I couldn't calm down...why me? It was unfair, I wanted revenge so I decided to stay at school. Nowadays, I'm still waiting for the perfect day. The perfect day for your death.

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