Thursday, 29 October 2015


‘’Yes, mom, I’m at school. No, I don’t know when I’m coming back, just don’t stay up for me. Bye, I love you.’’ said Pablo as he hung up. It was the bingo night at his school and because he was in 1st of bachillerato he had to help organize everything and it was his task to document the evening by taking pictures for the school website, so he had to stay until the night was over. He suddenly stumbled across his friend Miguel outside the room where the bingo was being held . ‘’Hey, what’s up Miguel, I’ve been looking for Miriam everywhere. Have you seen her?’’ said Pablo.
“No, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen her. I just got here. Hey, where is everyone else?’’ answered Miguel
‘’I think they’re there, in the canteen. Hey, if you see Miriam, could you tell her I’m looking for her?’’
‘’Yeah, sure’’
“Okay, thanks, enjoy the party!”

Pablo headed to the canteen as he turned the camera on and started taking pictures of everyone he saw, the students, teachers, or even the doorman, kitchen staff, etc. When he arrived at the canteen, where the bingo was going to be held, he realised that the bingo had already started.
‘’Why are you always late, Pablo? Focus!’’ he thought to himself. He continued to take pictures through the night hoping that nobody had noticed him being late. Every time a big prize was won Pablo took photos of the winner with many other people so he or she had a great souvenir of the night and his or her classmates. After a few hours it was time for a break, so he decided to take a look at the photos he had made. He continued to flip through them until one particular photo caught his attention… At first, nothing seemed out of place, but when he zoomed in, he saw something that gave him the chills. In the background, behind all the smiling students around the prize winner, there was a body on the floor surrounded by blood and a knife on its chest. Horrified, he looked at the previous picture to see if he had captured the moment when the crime was committed, but unfortunately all he could see was a shadow. Still holding his breath he raised his head and looked for the spot where the body was in the picture. He didn’t want to alarm people, as he knew it could be a prank. He approached the place where the corpse was in silence. The closer he got, the worse he felt. As he got to the place where the body was, he realised that it wasn’t a prank and that a real person had been murdered at school. He checked the person’s pulse to see if it was alive. Sadly, that was not the case. He slowly turned the body around to see terrified the pale face of one of his now ex best friends, Miriam.
He ran and ran until he was alone, to realise what had just happened. He could not believe it, his best friend had just been found dead and the worst part was that the murderer could still be at school. He turned around, to head back to the canteen and saw his biology teacher, who gave him one of his usual fake smiles as he passed by. He thought of telling him about the murder, but telling people what he had just seen would make things worse, so he decided to discover the murderer on his own. He realised that if he took a look at the other photos he had taken he could identify the murderer, as there would be someone missing.
He looked through the photos again and tried to think of some unusual things that could have happened throughout the evening. Miriam had been absent all night so it would be a waste of time to look for her in the photos. Instead he searched for the photo which was taken at the time of the murder to see when it had happened. He had a list of all the teachers in the school as he had been one of the organizers and realised that the one that didn’t appear in any pictures was Hector, his biology teacher, the same one that he had come across outside the canteen, the same one that had given him a suspicious look…
He decided to confront his teacher so he headed to his classroom to speak with him. When he arrived there, he noticed that the door was open.
‘’This is unusual’’ he thought ‘’I’d better be careful’’
And as he opened the door, calling his teacher’s name, his face went pale. His teacher had been murdered too! How could this be possible? His teacher was the killer, right? Or was he not? Hector being dead meant that the murderer had to be another person, and the worst part was that he hadn’t got a clue of who that could be. He decided that all of this had gone too far, so he went to find someone who could help him.
He went back to the auditorium and on his way back he stumbled across the cook in charge of making the cake..
‘’Excuse me, can you help me?’’ and as he spoke these words he realised that the cake hadn’t been served and he remembered that in one of the pictures, in a corner, there was the cake with a knife stuck in it. At first he thought that it was normal, that it could have been just to cut the cake, but then he realised something. It was the same knife used to kill Miriam and Hector. In addition, he hadn’t seen her throughout the night and she didn’t appear in any photo he had taken.
“Yes, sure” replied the cook.

And before she finished speaking, he started to run as fast as he could, but it was too late, the cook had already pulled the knife out. He looked back to see where she was, only to realise that it was a mistake. She was right behind him and was getting closer and closer and closer and in a matter of seconds she stood right next to him. All that he could see was her pale face and her deep eyes staring at him.

Written by
Alexandra de Witte, Sofía Pérez and Regina Salazar

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