Thursday, 29 October 2015


A few years ago, in winter, a fourteen year old boy named Jacob was at the Bingo night at his school with his friends Matthew, George, Sarah and Olivia. They were starting to get very very bored, so they decided to leave the canteen,  and went to the courts, but what they did not know was that this was the start of a terrifying adventure.

  • I dare you to break into the old house next to the court! - Matthew said to Jacob.

And so, that’s what Jacob and his friends did. They climbed the green fence that divided the school from the house. When they jumped they saw an old white van next to the house door, with the inside light on, but no one was inside.
They were quite scared, but they moved on, and entered the house through the kitchen window.

  • Look! A ouija board! - Sarah said.
  • We should play! - George suggested. As everything George says, this was a terrible idea.

They took the board, lit up two candles they found in the kitchen cupboard and started playing.

  • Hello, is anybody here? - Olivia asked.

“Knock knock”

  • Did anyone die in this house?

“Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock”

They ran away terrified for their lives, and realized the white van was no longer empty.
During the following weeks, Jacob and his friends had terrible dreams about the house they had broken into, and the van next to the house entrance.

One day, after his basketball training, Matthew´s mom was taking very long to get to school. As Matthew was waiting for his mom, he saw the old white van driving back and forth through the school´s road. He was very scared, and called his mom again and again, but she wouldn’t answer her phone.

A few minutes later, Matthew´s mom arrived.
  • Hello son, is everything alright?
  • Yes mom, let’s get out of here…

On their way back home, Matthew told his friends what he had seen, and all of his friends had experienced creepy things that same afternoon. Sarah’s lights had gone off while she was alone at home, and she heard the knock again and again till her mom arrived. Olivia´s car was not working and George saw a shadow inside his dad´s car.
The only one who hadn’t experienced anything was Jacob.

The next day, after school, Jacob saw the white van just as Matthew said, driving back and forth on the school road. When Jacob´s mom arrived, he saw a bloody hand hitting his mom´s back window, but when he told his mom, the hand went away…
On their way back home, they ran out of gas, and they were stuck in the middle of La Moraleja.

Jacob´s mom told him to stay in the car while she went out to look for gas. Jacob fell asleep in the car and woke up to a bright light, and hearing knocks coming from the roof of the car. He heard “We are the police, get out of the car, come here and don't look back”

Jacob got out of the car and walked terrified to towards the police car. When he got there, he thought to himself “I am safe now” and turned around. That is when he discovered the man he and his friends had seen in the white van knocking on the roof of the car with a stick, and in the end of the stick there was his mom´s head.

Written by
Celia Manzano, María Sancho, Irene Alonso and Blanca Agüí

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