Thursday, 29 October 2015


Before this was a school as we know it today, it was a boarding school just for girls. But it wasn’t a normal school, as mysterious and inexplicable events occurred very frequently.

One day, a very shy girl, called Charlotte, joined the school. She wasn't able to make friends, because of her attitude, and she spent the whole day in her room. Nobody knew what was happening. The nights were the worst; she never slept because she dedicated her time to writing letters with no addressee. Her school mates tried to be kind with her, but she refused their attempts for consolation.
Donna, the headmistress, was very worried and tried to contact Charlotte’s parents, but there were no signs of them in her school profile, there only was the address of her last governess. The headmistress decided to go to the house to know what happened to the girl. The couple who lived in the house told her that since Charlotte’s parents died in a train accident in 1989, Charlotte retreated within herself, and only spoke to her dolls and her imaginary friends. Charlotte wrote all her experiences and her most private and darkest secrets in letters. Letters which nobody had ever read.
Donna returned to the boarding school with the intention of making Charlotte’s stay more comfortable. What she wasn’t expecting to find was the mysterious disappearance of another girl from the school while she was away. There were many rumors that said that the girl had read Charlotte’s letters. After spending the whole night looking for the missing girl, they found her, with a rope around her neck, hanging from the branch of a tree, and with signs of violence all over her body. Although nobody could believe what they saw and they couldn’t find an explanation for the death of the girl, everyone at the boarding school had the same question in mind: what did it say in Charlotte’s secret letters?
A few months before, Charlotte had discovered, while talking with her imaginary friends, that the train accident in which her parents died had been intended. The letters which she had been writing were drawings of a plan to kill the person who had caused the accident. No one could see those letters, otherwise Charlotte would kill them. Charlotte knew how to keep her secrets and she wouldn’t allow anyone to stop her revenge: to kill someone who her parent’s murderer loved.

In the year 2010, Charlotte found out that the murderer’s daughter was going to a private school in La Moraleja, which was called “Colegio Base”. The slogan of the school was: “together we create the basis for your future”. With this sentence, she imagined a whole plan for killing the murderer’s daughter and to create the basis for her death.
She managed to enter the school and started working as a cook. Although she was able to be in the school and analyze all the students, she couldn’t find the girl she was looking for. Years passed and Charlotte still hadn’t killed anyone. After having many attacks of despair, Charlotte decided to end her life. She took the sharpest knife she could find and made a deep cut right in the middle of her chest. Her death was so violent that her spirit turned into a terrifying ghost who kept searching for a girl to kill.

Nowadays, Charlotte’s ghost is tired of looking for that girl who, mysteriously, never appears. In consequence, she will kill every student or teacher who she finds in the school alone. Her favorite place for killing people is the bathroom, were nobody can see her or hear anything. Watch out because, even if you can’t see her, she is always there, watching you and waiting for the right moment…

*This story is based on true events*

Written by 
Andrea Muñoz, Alicia Donoso and Loreto Niño

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