Thursday, 29 October 2015


Once upon a time in Colegio Base a terrible thing happened. Some people think it is true and others don't, but to believe in it you first have to know what is it about.

It was a normal afternoon in the cold autumn when a boy called Alfonso didn't get picked up by his parents. He waited outside the school for about two hours, he called them but they did not answer. He was so tired of waiting that he went to look for a teacher and tell them what was happening. He was going to the teachers’ room when he saw an old man cleaning the corridor. The man told Alfonso: “you little boy shouldn't be here at this time of the night, you should get out because bad things happen at night in this school”. He got so scared that he ran to the boys’ toilet when he got surprised with what happened in the mirror, it was broken and on the right hand side corner it said “3:23”. He ran out as fast as he could when suddenly he realised that he hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch time so he went to the kitchen to get something to eat. When he got there he ate some pizza that was leftover from lunch time. He was looking everywhere the kitchen when he saw that one knife was missing, the biggest one. At this moment he couldn't believe all the things that happened to him when he heard someone walking to the kitchen so he hid under the table. He waited there so long that he finally fell asleep. It was late in the night when the school bell rang. He looked at his watch quickly and saw that it was 3:23, and he remembered what he saw in the mirror. He went to the playground because he heard lots of voices singing and then he saw all the teachers in a circle, dressed in some strange clothes and with the director in the middle, just about to kill a baby. The next day he went to tell all this to the police, to his parents, to his friends… but only one believed him, his best friend Nicolas. The next day they stayed at school to record everything that happened so they put lots of cameras around the school. When they finished they went to the technology class to stay there all night. They looked in the computer, wanting to check if something similar had happened before and they found out that two boys had disappeared 25 years before. Then they knew what was going on. The last day they went to show the police all the videos. When they were about to see them nothing was shown in the video, only one thing was written: “3:23”. The police told them that they didn't want to see them again and to get out of the police station. Alfonso and Nicolas were really scared but also really angry because they wanted to show everyone what type of school they were in. The final night they went with the camera in their hands to show the police what was going on. It was 3:00 in the night when they sent a video to the police so that they could see live. At 3:23 they went to the playground and went so close to film them that a teacher saw them and went after them. In one moment when they were running.Alfonso lost Nicolás and the police saw all that happened but suddenly the camera stopped working and everything ended. Both of them finally disappeared and they weren’t found. They still say that the teachers can be heard singing every night.

Written by Jaime López, Daniel Amar and Pablo Aznar

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