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This story starts like many others, a long time ago, about two years ago. This story happened at a school known since then as the Damned School. Students that now are in 2nd of Bachillerato still remember this story and stills gives them shudders. Some have needed psychological treatment, some have even tried to commit suicide, and even moved school and country. Luckily for us, we could find someone that was able to talk about this story without crumbling down.

One day, a new student, Pablo, came to this school. He was a bit strange because he never talked to anyone, he was always alone at recess, he didn't even introduce himself to the rest of the class the first day. As the days passed, he did not even make an effort to make some new friends or maybe just meet new people: some started to try and talk to him, but he always said ‘Leave me alone, I don’t want to hurt anyone’. This baffled the students and even some started to joke about him. The teachers watched the strange behaviour of the student and tried to talk with him and, as in many other schools, the teachers asked him to do a presentation about his previous school, his family, etc... in order to show it to the class.

At the time of presenting, the students noticed that whenever he talked about his family, he always talked in the past and never in the present, and at the time he started showing pictures, everybody noticed that in every image he showed there was a strange figure at the back of it. He showed the first one and you could see it in between the trees at the back of the image. In the first image they thought that it was just a camera trick, or maybe that it was just a shadow. In the second image, the students could appreciate that the obscure figure came to be nearer, and on the following ones, closer to the screen. The last photo just showed the boy with a mysterious black cadaverous hand on his arm, which was in fact very similar to the secretive figure previously shown on the photos. At that moment students were gripped by fear and didn’t even say a word about it. At that moment they stood up and tried to leave the classroom.

Suddenly the lights went out and in the following seconds only an anxious cry was heard, followed by a devilish laugh.When the lights came back on, they all looked for Pablo, but no one could see him. In the following seconds they realised that on the digital board there was a picture of four of their colleagues hanged on one of the trees in the playground, with the same mysterious shadow at the back, and in the blackboard there was also something written in red: “I told you not to bother me”. The students ran as fast as they could in order to get out of the school, but unluckily for them, the school gates were closed and a really mysterious phantasmagorical fog surrounded the school. They tried to phone their parents, but they had no line and a frightening message could be heard at the end ‘You can't escape this’.

The night arrived, and by that time there were only 10 of the 24 students left. No one knows how the others had disappeared, but they were sure about something--that mysterious figure would not leave them alone until everyone was dead. Their only option was to accept their fate. But suddenly, they came up with an idea to escape: they went to the computer room to find out what had happened at Pablo’s old school. There was some research about a student who escaped that school and discovered the only way of escaping from what he called “Mr. Boogie” was to destroy every image on which the creepy image now called Mr. Boogie appeared.

They started to discuss ways to destroy the images, and they came to the conclusion that the best option was to burn the images with a lighter, so they went to their classroom, but they looked through the little window in the door and suddenly the face of Mr. Boogie appeared behind it. They needed to burn the whole room, so they went to the staffroom and took all the alcohol from the teachers’ cupboards, and then they used it to burn the whole room so that the images were destroyed, and after all this, SOME of them could escape.

Unluckily for us we took testimony from the only student that stayed on at school after this. We could also tell you that there were three of us at first, that one student was strange and drew strange figures on his desk and even showed us some videos about the whole class, but every time we watched those videos a strange figure moved at the back of the scene, but it seemed that nobody noticed it. One weekend, we went to the place where those videos were recorded and after moving down the screen to watch the place, we noticed that same strange figure in the same exact place as in the video, but this time we could see a face in that form, a face that was staring at us. After that, all we remember is running to the exit trying to escape and watching one of us falling down and us trying to pick him up, and a skeletal and dark hand catching our friend and pulling him from the leg, leaving a blood path and taking him to the darkness.

Written by
Alejandro Álvaro and Javier Martín de San Pablo

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